Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The World on Earth

Frankly I need a place to belong, but not in this world.
I need a place of great imagination and thoughts,
Where there are no limits
I know, sounds like fantasy
Imagine what the fantasy of that world will be, their horror stories that portray our world in a lead role
Ben fits into the benefits
Clouds that do not hold rain
Kids that do not hold tears
Won’t that be glorious?
But why so far fetched
We blame the world, but the world hasn’t done anything
It’s always been here, serving as a home
So who do we point our fingers too
Who is the real culprit?        
My mother always told me, it’s wrong to point
But I can’t help it, a child can help it, same as a child can’t help but make mistakes
Toying with ignorance and shallowness
Yet putting up a cute benevolent smile
Oh how the innocent have been dipped in tar
Oh how our world has fallen
Only blessed to be suspended in space
If otherwise, our sins would have weighed gravity to hit on the ground
The dead smile, trust me.
They’ve lived hell and left.
All the regrets of things we think they didn’t have the chance to accomplished
Was left behind with the emotions of the living
There are no dreams or aspirations in the afterlife
Same as there is no chase after the thief is caught.
Okay that was moody
Let’s do happy thoughts
Right now, someone got a promotion
Right now, someone just fell in love
Right now, a child was born
Right now, a dream came true
Right now …………………………..


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