Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The World on Earth

Frankly I need a place to belong, but not in this world.
I need a place of great imagination and thoughts,
Where there are no limits
I know, sounds like fantasy
Imagine what the fantasy of that world will be, their horror stories that portray our world in a lead role
Ben fits into the benefits
Clouds that do not hold rain
Kids that do not hold tears
Won’t that be glorious?
But why so far fetched
We blame the world, but the world hasn’t done anything
It’s always been here, serving as a home
So who do we point our fingers too
Who is the real culprit?        
My mother always told me, it’s wrong to point
But I can’t help it, a child can help it, same as a child can’t help but make mistakes
Toying with ignorance and shallowness
Yet putting up a cute benevolent smile
Oh how the innocent have been dipped in tar
Oh how our world has fallen
Only blessed to be suspended in space
If otherwise, our sins would have weighed gravity to hit on the ground
The dead smile, trust me.
They’ve lived hell and left.
All the regrets of things we think they didn’t have the chance to accomplished
Was left behind with the emotions of the living
There are no dreams or aspirations in the afterlife
Same as there is no chase after the thief is caught.
Okay that was moody
Let’s do happy thoughts
Right now, someone got a promotion
Right now, someone just fell in love
Right now, a child was born
Right now, a dream came true
Right now …………………………..


Tuesday, 25 April 2017


It's a familiar friend
One that makes me aware of it's presence.
A loud knock on my ever shut doors.
A teacher with rude remarks
A lesson too hard to forget
An unpleasant place for heavens preparation.
Friend or foe
I know not
But what is darkness without light
What is day without night
So what is joy without pain..

Light Subconscious

The reality is that we all pick the illusion we live in. What gives you hope might be another's fear.
So when you hear a story, take the morals from it and not the script.
Watch more than you talk. Remember that you are just an audience in other people's lives. Do not dive in, knock before entering, and wait to be asked to take a sit.
Always remember, you are not always the story teller, so be a good listener and then you'll have the privilege to speak. Before you speak, always give an applaud to the story teller, remember, he gave you your sit.
Life is delicate as it is. You wake up everyday knowing how fragile it is, so you should also recognise the responsibility of coming into someone's life, either as help or to stay. Don't pick up broken shards of glass, just to smash them up more.
Sometimes lending help is not giving help at all. We should be more aware of when we are not needed than when we are, rather than forcing our opinions to cause destruction. The right advice will form a merger and the wrong, a collision.  With every right merger you grow, and you create more options of help for yourself.
Then one day, when you become the story teller , you'll be assured that you are giving your seats to the right people.


Monday, 12 December 2016


Its amazing how creation sneaks up on you, how nature can still amaze you in this level of civilization.
Makes one wonder how the wonders were created.

It's beautiful...

Even the blind man can feel the gentle breeze on his skin, and still recognise that he's in the presence of a breathtaking scenery.

It's beautiful...

The perfect disarrangement of the stars in the vast sky, like glitters poured across a black canvas
Nature is perfect, and sadly it holds such imperfect beings, tainting its edges and faces, ripping out what they claim to be theirs.
Suffocating the air
Grounding the earth
Drowning the seas

We hurt her....

She who existed before us, became our home, cared for us, played with us, fought with us, fought us, mourned us, then buried us.

We hurt her.....

Yet we fail to realise, that its from her we were made and hurting her only means hurting ourselves.
From her we live, and too her we die
We kill for her, just to kill her
Even when she begs, screams and cries for mercy.
Then turn a blind eye and soak ourselves in the products of our greed.
Cause we fail to realise that she's us, and her death, is our demise.

The stars our beautiful tonight, i hope they look down and one day say the same thing to us.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


I fell asleep when you left, reality became just a dream to me. I just played along with everything, doing my part as best as i can. But on some days i open my eyes, and i wake up to this nightmare, where you're not there. Your absence has made me lose sight of everything, sometimes....most times i don't think i can do this. How did you do this?.... it's so hard... so difficult.

I miss you. God knows i really do. My life's compass. My first ray of sunshine. My confidence. My everything. My rock. My mum. You made everything impossible possible. You fought for us even when you were fighting us. You were there at every turn, at every sun rise, at every sun set. I knew you before i knew the world, and through the world i learnt to loved you more than anything. Your absence is unbearable. Not hearing your voice everyday is deafening. I miss you! Oh God i miss you. I only wish i could give you the world as you brought me into this one. I dont think I'll ever accept a reality without you. So I'll try to make the best out of my dreams and hope that one day i can make it into a reality that you will be proud of.

I LOVE YOU MUM and I'll always will in every plane of existence under God's divinity.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lost in Hate

I hate feeling like this. I hate it. The way it takes me by surprise, the way it settles within me as if it were a perfect fit.
I hate this feeling, the feeling that makes me see everything in dark light, that turns day dark and my nights endless.
I hate it... i hate it.... i hate it....
But i dont know what it is. What is this feeling, that is reaping me apart, that has owned my thoughts and hidden my smile. That makes me find joy only in the thoughts of the damned.
It feels alive within me, taking control of all my senses and my very being.
Leaving me at the edge of a cliff, waiting for me to fall to the edge of another cliff.
It wants to keep me alive questioning everything i love and believe in
It wants to test me, just to see me fail.
It wants to break me, just so it can rebuild me, and do it again.
What is this feeling...
What are you...
Why will you do this...
Why do you hurt me...
Why do i look at you and see me...