Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Light Subconscious

The reality is that we all pick the illusion we live in. What gives you hope might be another's fear.
So when you hear a story, take the morals from it and not the script.
Watch more than you talk. Remember that you are just an audience in other people's lives. Do not dive in, knock before entering, and wait to be asked to take a sit.
Always remember, you are not always the story teller, so be a good listener and then you'll have the privilege to speak. Before you speak, always give an applaud to the story teller, remember, he gave you your sit.
Life is delicate as it is. You wake up everyday knowing how fragile it is, so you should also recognise the responsibility of coming into someone's life, either as help or to stay. Don't pick up broken shards of glass, just to smash them up more.
Sometimes lending help is not giving help at all. We should be more aware of when we are not needed than when we are, rather than forcing our opinions to cause destruction. The right advice will form a merger and the wrong, a collision.  With every right merger you grow, and you create more options of help for yourself.
Then one day, when you become the story teller , you'll be assured that you are giving your seats to the right people.


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