Monday, 12 December 2016


Its amazing how creation sneaks up on you, how nature can still amaze you in this level of civilization.
Makes one wonder how the wonders were created.

It's beautiful...

Even the blind man can feel the gentle breeze on his skin, and still recognise that he's in the presence of a breathtaking scenery.

It's beautiful...

The perfect disarrangement of the stars in the vast sky, like glitters poured across a black canvas
Nature is perfect, and sadly it holds such imperfect beings, tainting its edges and faces, ripping out what they claim to be theirs.
Suffocating the air
Grounding the earth
Drowning the seas

We hurt her....

She who existed before us, became our home, cared for us, played with us, fought with us, fought us, mourned us, then buried us.

We hurt her.....

Yet we fail to realise, that its from her we were made and hurting her only means hurting ourselves.
From her we live, and too her we die
We kill for her, just to kill her
Even when she begs, screams and cries for mercy.
Then turn a blind eye and soak ourselves in the products of our greed.
Cause we fail to realise that she's us, and her death, is our demise.

The stars our beautiful tonight, i hope they look down and one day say the same thing to us.

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