Thursday, 1 September 2016


I fell asleep when you left, reality became just a dream to me. I just played along with everything, doing my part as best as i can. But on some days i open my eyes, and i wake up to this nightmare, where you're not there. Your absence has made me lose sight of everything, sometimes....most times i don't think i can do this. How did you do this?.... it's so hard... so difficult.

I miss you. God knows i really do. My life's compass. My first ray of sunshine. My confidence. My everything. My rock. My mum. You made everything impossible possible. You fought for us even when you were fighting us. You were there at every turn, at every sun rise, at every sun set. I knew you before i knew the world, and through the world i learnt to loved you more than anything. Your absence is unbearable. Not hearing your voice everyday is deafening. I miss you! Oh God i miss you. I only wish i could give you the world as you brought me into this one. I dont think I'll ever accept a reality without you. So I'll try to make the best out of my dreams and hope that one day i can make it into a reality that you will be proud of.

I LOVE YOU MUM and I'll always will in every plane of existence under God's divinity.


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