Monday, 8 August 2016


She would look at me with love in her eyes,
 her messages were the first i saw when i picked up my phone.
Every time she called, you could here the excitement in her voice.
 She loved me and i her.
We were going to last forever,
as long as the sun was in the sky during the day
and the moon during the night,
 she was going to be mine forever

Or that's what i thought......

Until the dark clouds engulfed the sky and made invisible the sun and the moon.
 It brought with it rain that made my tears unseen to her.

Now she looks at me,
lost feelings in her eyes,
 her messages are never on my phone.
 Every time she calls,
 you can only hear the sound of obligation in her voice.
Now i leave not by day or night,
I take notice only of withered leaves that lay dead on the earth.
 I could never have predicted this,
 cause my heart wont let me see a future where she wasn't in it

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